Food & Coffee Journey around NYC

Our long anticipated NYC trip has now been and gone (sob sob) but has left us with memories that will last a lifetime. They’ll be a few posts about New York as there is just so much I want to share, but I thought I would start with the most important… food and coffee of course!

Before we went away, as self confessed coffee snobs and foodies, we spent alot (and I mean ALOT) of time researching the best places to eat and drink. We then planned our daily itinerary taking consideration of these places and mapping them into our day’s plans and route of movement! And it was so worth it, as every place delighted with its flavours, aromas and beauty of food and coffee art!

Coffee Favourites

Bluestone Lane– Upper East Side, 2E 90th St

This was our favourite spot for a strong yet creamy flat white and our first tasting of a           cold brew coffee (still a little undecided on this concept but I can imagine on a warm summer’s day it’s cold intensity would be welcome). The setting was just stunning, next to the Church of Heavenly Rest, with archways and stone features to admire and cute little seating within the alcoves. It had a great vibe about it, with a lot of mums and their little ones catching up with friends and runners kitted out in bright leggings popping in for a coffee post run (which is what we did, looking like locals and all!). We also enjoyed a great post run breakie here (tasty granola and refreshing smashed avocado on toast)

Happy Bones– 393 Broome Street

Thanks to fellow blogger This Charming Life for her great recommendation of this place. It took us a while to find but was worth the extra walking. The cafe is minimalist, with white washed brick walls, and an industrial feel. Two flat whites to take away were presented in a cute blue cup with a collage of bones decorating it. The coffee (Counter Culture Coffee) was the perfect intensity for the way we like it, but with a smooth and almost chocolatey finish.

Ninth Street Espresso– Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave

Ideally located in the gorgeous Chelsea Market, so I could shop while the husband fixed himself to the coffee bar, the Brazilian coffee beans made for a great flat white (can you tell what our favourite coffee is yet!). You order your coffee by the oz rather than a set size and their menu is simple and no fuss, focusing on the all important coffee!I think if I had shopped any longer my husband would have worked his way through the loyalty card and be on to his free drink.

Perk Kafe– 162E 37th St

A little off the beaten track for us but definitely worth the commute. This cute, glass fronted coffee shop is a hub of activity with locals sat working at their laptops and holding informal meetings while enjoying the delights that the cafe has to offer. I enjoyed the most amazing almond nut and honey latte which gave me the pick me up I needed after a long day of walking! The barista was also really friendly and happily chatted to us about the coffee and what cold brew was all about.

Foodie Faves

Jack’s Wife Freda– Soho, 224 Lafayette st

A cute little place open all day, although we only managed to squeeze it in for brunch, offering traditional American-Mediterranean dishes. We enjoyed eggs, mine with halloumi and tomato and the hubby’s on top of a Madame Freda (a grilled sandwich with duck prosciutto and cheddar bechamel). The drinks of a nan’s tea (tea and mint) and a flat white also went down well. This is a fast paced, quaint little place that we wished we had time to revisit in the evening for yet more yummy food, dessert and cocktails.

Egg Shop– Soho, 151 Elizabeth Street

Wow what can I say, this place was unbelievable! We went for an evening meal after a long day of walking and the food, portion size and quietness of this cute little cafe/restaurant were just what we needed. They don’t take reservations so i’d imagine you’d have to time your visit but we went about 9pm which was pretty quiet. We ordered the Golden Bucket of fried chicken to start and I can honestly say I have never tasted chicken so good. The balance of crisp and spice was delicious and the bucket was packed full for enough for two. I then enjoyed El Guapo, a pulled pork dish served with blue corn tortillas and the hubby devoured the egg shop bap with yet more chicken (all just amazing). We made the mistake of ordering a side of chips (we really didn’t need them) but they did prove to be the best chips (sorry, fries) we had all holiday. I would definitely recommend this place as a must visit!

Emily– 919 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Obviously pizza was on our list of ‘must eats’ and after researching heavily I stumbled across this place. We arrived to a queue awaiting the 5.30pm opening time (always a good sign). The restaurant is cosy with small wooden tables packed tightly in meaning you get to meet your fellow diners either side and exclaim to each other, through packed mouthfuls, just how amazing the food is. The menu utilises local produce and is mainly pizza based, although they do offer an equally beautiful burger which did have us eye balling the diners either side of us. I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful of my Mr Vasquez pizza and have to say it was the best pizza I’ve ever had (even considering the pizza I sampled in Italy!). I just wish you could deliver to the UK Emily.

Burger Joint@ Le Parker Meridien, 119 W 56th St

For my husband’s 40th birthday he was set 40 challenges, one of them being to find and devour the best burger in NYC, and we feel this was it. Another thank you to fellow blogger, Little Maldod, for this recommendation. The burger joint is set behind a curtain in the foyer of the Le Parker Meridien hotel and the whole joint (with its booths and floor lamps) is covered in graffiti from past diners, making for a very cool place to eat. We ordered the full works burger (burger cooked medium rare, with lettuce, tomato, onion, relish). The burger was cooked to perfection and we didn’t speak a word as we munched our masterpieces.

Cafe Habana– Soho, 17 Prince Street

We noted this place down after watching Friends with Benefits and so have Mila Kunis to thank for this little gem. There is a cafe on the corner for you to sit in and watch the world go by, but if it is too busy (as it was when we went) there is a take away place with benches outside just next door. Above the counter as you walk in is a sign promising the best Cuban Sandwich and I can confirm this statement to be true! What’s not to love, the meat- good, cheese-good, spice-good!

No. 7 Sub– 11 Water Street, Brooklyn  C&P Galley– back of lobster place in Chelsea Market

Both of these places are a must visit for their cuteness and the best New England clam chowder. C&P Galley is located at the back of the lobster place in Chelsea Market, look out for the black chowder pots and the smiley staff in the serving window. We struggled to decide on a flavour as all of the chowders sounded amazing, so the staff gave us a little sample pot to have a try of them all in advance! We settled on the creamy New England chowder and I had a crab cake bun with mine and Gawaine a lobster roll.

We stumbled across No. 7 Sub on our walk around Brooklyn Heights.Located under Brooklyn bridge, it’s a beautiful place to stop, and warm up on a cold day with a take away chowder.

And let’s not forget, if all else fails on your trip to NYC, the Shake Shack can always be relied upon for yummy burgers, hot dogs and shakes (yes we tried all of these too!)


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